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The San Francisco 49ers entered the 1990 season heavily favoured to win their third consecutive Super Bowl. The season was highlighted by their defeat of the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Throughout the season, the 49ers and the Giants were the two best teams in the NFL. The 49ers would face off against the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. Between 1988 and 1990, the 49ers set a league record with 18 consecutive road victories. Jerry Rice had a career year by becoming the fourth receiver in the history of American football to have at least 100 receptions in one season.

The 49ers won their fifth consecutive NFC West Division Title. Dating back to 1989, the 49ers completed a fifteen game unbeaten streak in the regular season (5 victories in the last 5 games of 1989 and 10 victories in the first ten games of 1990). Following the 1990 season, the 49ers left team stalwarts Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott unprotected and let them go to the Los Angeles Raiders via Plan B free agency.

Just like the regular season game between the two teams won by the 49ers 7 3 the championship game was mostly a defensive battle. San Francisco running back Roger Craig's fumble with 2:36 left in the game led to Giants kicker Matt Bahr's 42 yard game winning field goal as time ran out. Bahr was New York's only scorer, as he made 5 out of 6 field goals. Despite not scoring a TD in eight quarters against the 49ers the Giants moved on to the Super Bowl with their victory.

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BRISTOL, CT confirmed this evening that ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown crew is currently giving some dumb fucking demonstration on a fake field in their studio. Initial reports indicate that Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson are taking off their jackets and lining up three goddamn feet away from each other as quarterback and wide receiver to explain how a corner route works, though it remains unclear as to how this is pertinent information for tonight game. Christ, now Mike Ditka coming over to line up as a linebacker or defensive end and pretending to pass rush Carter in slow motion. Those close to the situation say everybody just froze mid play so Carter could explain some bullshit about looking off the safety that isn even there. According to witnesses, Johnson just caught the ball that was barely flicked to him and is now dancing while Ditka mumbles some forced trash talk about sacking Carter if this had been a real game. At press time, the stupid segment still wasn over yet.

Offensive Lineman Opens Up Massive Hole In His Frontal CortexPASADENA, CA out of the three point stance and driving the Auburn defender backwards, Florida State left guard Josue Matias reportedly opened up a massive .

Home Crowd Disagrees With Ref's Call But Respects His DecisionINDIANAPOLIS a controversial call Saturday, the home crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium told reporters that they disagree with the referee but respect his decision.

Roger Goodell Fired After Another .500 SeasonNEW YORK his sustained mediocrity unacceptable, the NFL owners reportedly elected Friday to fire Roger Goodell following his eighth consecutive .500 season .

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